Custom Built Adult Bunk Beds for Airbnb: Advantages and Benefits

Adult custom bunk beds

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As an Airbnb host, providing comfortable and unique accommodations for guests is key to ensuring repeat business and positive reviews. Custom built adult bunk beds are a great option for Airbnb hosts who want to maximize space and offer a unique sleeping experience for their guests. In this article, we will explore the advantages and benefits of having a custom built adult bunk bed for your Airbnb, with quotes from experts in the hospitality industry.

Advantages of Custom Built Adult Bunk Beds

1. Space-saving: Custom built adult bunk beds are an excellent option for hosts who have limited space. Bunk beds allow for multiple guests to sleep in the same room without sacrificing comfort or privacy. As noted by Tom LaGrua, Vice President of Purchasing at Peachtree Hotel Group, “Bunk beds can maximize space in a room, which is especially important in urban markets where square footage comes at a premium.”

2. Unique Experience: Custom built adult bunk beds can add a unique and memorable experience for guests. As noted by Bonnie Knutson, Professor at Michigan State University’s School of Hospitality Business, “Bunk beds add a fun element to a room and can create a unique experience for guests. It’s something that they may not have experienced before, which can help make their stay more memorable.”

3. Increased Capacity: Custom built adult bunk beds allow hosts to accommodate more guests in a room. This can be especially useful for families or groups of friends who want to stay together. As noted by Megan Jones, Director of Communications at the American Hotel & Lodging Association, “Bunk beds can be an effective way to increase room capacity and provide affordable accommodations for larger groups.”

Benefits of Custom Built Adult Bunk Beds

1. Customization: Custom built adult bunk beds offer hosts the ability to customize the design and features of the bed to fit their specific needs. Hosts can choose the materials, size, and layout of the bunk bed to best suit their space and style preferences.

2. Durability: Custom built adult bunk beds are typically made with high-quality materials and construction, ensuring durability and longevity. This can be especially important for Airbnb hosts who have multiple guests staying in the same bed over time.

3. Safety: Custom built adult bunk beds can be designed with safety features such as guard rails and sturdy ladders. Hosts can rest assured that their guests will be safe and secure while sleeping in the bunk bed.


Custom built adult bunk beds offer Airbnb hosts a unique and practical solution for maximizing space and providing comfortable accommodations for guests. The advantages and benefits of custom built adult bunk beds, including space-saving, unique experiences, increased capacity, customization, durability, and safety, make them a great option for hosts looking to enhance their guests’ stay. As noted by Tom LaGrua, “Bunk beds can be a great solution for any hotel or Airbnb looking to provide additional sleeping options, maximize space, and create a unique guest experience.”

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